Almost Human…

Yesterday was lab work, we got there at 7 but ordered were not received till 8, it ended up being just a cortisol & ACTH levels check so it was easy and relatively painless. So now to wait for results! 

Accuracy on these confuse me, I tripled my doses Thursday, doubled it Friday and Saturday then normal minus night dose Sunday. No medication for Monday before the test~ so how is it even remotely accurate? 

Oh well, wait and see I guess. 

I slept 7 straight hours last night!!! Highly unusual for me, but guess what? Today I feel almost human! Even more unusual!!! 

It’s been a tough month! 

When dealing with your Chroni-ness what is your hardest aspect (IF you could ONLY name one?) haha- even as I typed that I couldn’t name just one! Social, financial, the burden I am on others, the pain, the fatigue, the insomnia, the CHRONIC OF IT ALL!!! 


One thought on “Almost Human…

  1. All of them, more maybe, but picking just one, for me has to be the fatigue – it scares me to death the fatigue. It makes me feel like I’ll vegitate and be forgotten about because who wants to know the one who is permanently worn out/run down/feels like they have zero energy??

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