Time & Courage~ WE ARE WARRIORS! (And a wee rant!) 

Tonight I read an article about Chronic Illness and Time~ It made me cry and made me think. 

“Chronic” the word comes from the Greek word (I think it is Greek) “chronos” which means time. Aka- we are stuck with our illness till the end of time. Right? 

When people get the flu or a cold they can’t wait to “get better.” Balloons are sent to people with all sorts of conditions that say “Get well soon.” I am not downplaying any of those situations, so please don’t take it that way. But most of them (yes I know not all,) will GET BETTER! 

Us suffering of Chronic illness will never Get Better. We get up everyday knowing this is our fate, to never Be Well! Some days will even be worse. We are WARRIORS! We face these days with courage, even though we don’t feel courageous, we are!

 Most healthy people do not understand what it takes to live a life knowing we will never get better. They stop listening because “it gets old” to them- try living it! They want us to be positive, try living it! They think we exaggerate it, try living it and see how much we under-exaggerate it! They say we tell to much about our illness- they should see what we hide. Oops, got sidetracked! The point is we get to live with being this way for the rest of our lives; our illnesses downplayed, doubted, and being judged while those with other sicknesses are not. 

WE ARE WARRIORS! What we fight everyday is more than most people could even imagine! The battles we face are never ending. Yet we march on; daily, weekly, monthly, yearly—We fight everyday for our life! 


I have never seen myself as strong when it comes to the illnesses, especially when I lay there in bed crying because it hurts, or when I am sad because of friendships lost, or when I worry about the cost of medications— NONE OF THIS FEELS STRONG! I don’t feel strong when I am hurt or angry over a comment someone made “Just be more positive” or “Find a hobby” OMG no one would say that to a cancer patient, so why is it acceptable to a chronic patient? See? That is not being strong! 

Or is it? 

Time; Medication time, doctor appointment time, time to take my vitals, time for physical therapy, time on the phone with doctors or insurance, nap time, all of the time! We are masters of courage, all of the time. 

okay- this was just a weird post! 😂


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