Speaking of Time~ Insomnia

I posted earlier about Time, well it is now almost 5:30am my time and I have yet to fall asleep- again!

After my post earlier I can’t help but giggle about Time~ Insomnia is a cruel joke to those of us that have nothing but time to lay in bed and watch our life drift by. Seriously, like I needed more time to just lay here and think. 

Insomnia is just part of, or a symptoms of a few of the Serious 7. Staying awake all night then again all day is nothing new. 

It is kind of boring though, everyone is snoring (even the two Healing Hounds.) The weather is cooler outside and tonight is especially bright, so that is nice. But I would still rather be sleeping. Dreaming. 

I scroll through Facebook, posting and sharing, I do learn some cool stuff at 3am! 

There are a couple very quiet hours on social media, the hours between my friends here in the US going to bed and my friends across the big pond waking up! When I start to see them post it’s like I suddenly have someone to talk to. They probably think I am a stalker! 😁

Anyway, I just ate peanut butter toast to cushion for my morning medication and now I am back in bed praying for sleep to come. 

I hope you are all doing well and having a good weekend. 



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