Out of the House~         Dis-ABLE! 

I didn’t want to go, I wanted to stay home because I have not yet accepted that the wheel chair makes life easier and soooo much less painful. 

The “chair” upsets me, I don’t want it. Hubby finally convinced me when he pointed out how cranky I get from the pain only a few minutes into an event I get, then the following days are worse. Today he admitted that before the chair or without the chair things were not enjoyable because of his worry and my pain. 

So I stopped fighting it, learning to accept it, even have fun with it! 

“The chair” has a name now, she is the “Lady Bug” because she is red and black. 

Acceptance was hard, who wants to face that? But let me tell you; I go through enough pain, I am isolated enough, and the LadyBug helps me get social again, get out of the house. Enjoy family time. Yes I am back home in bed now, but I got out for a while. 

As far as having fun with it… Those have brakes that I pull when I want to-  lol- it was funny to hear hubby saying “babe, stop that right now.” 😂 

Then my son, who has never pushed me before took over while hubby was doing something and things got funnier. He was accidentally running me into things and couldn’t figure out how to get me over a bump, a nice officer explained how to do it. It was a lot of laughs and a very bumpy ride! 😂😂😂

Today I laughed. A lot! 

To my other chronic friends I say to you, we do all we can to improve our quality of life, this includes assistance. I’ve had more fun today than I have in a while- we need that! 

At first I hated “The Chair” because of the Dis-able I perceived. But now I am learning to Love LadyBug because of the Able she provides! 


4 thoughts on “Out of the House~         Dis-ABLE! 

  1. so glad you are working on acceptance… there is not a thing wrong with needing or asking for help… or doing things in a way that makes you feel better….

    love ya sis….


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