I Wish People Understood

Yesterday I had a conversation with someone I love about my health and the recent near crisis I experienced. I know the person meant well but a comment made (well several of them) broke my heart.

“You need to learn to control your stress.” “You know calming techniques, why don’t you use them.” My illness was downplayed, acted as if I had control over it, broke my heart. 

I mean seriously, do people think I feel this way on purpose? Don’t they realize I would change it if I could? Do they think I enjoy this “self induced” pain?

I do meditate, I do do breathing exercises. And YES they help. 

But if that was the cure all, doctors would not prescribe medications, the main treatment would be meditation, breathing exercises, controlling stress. 

I am not the only person with this illness, I am not choosing this, I am not choosing to stay sick or get sicker. Yet people act like it is a choice that I make. 

Why is it, that with certain people I feel like I have to prove that I am sick and it is not in my control? 

When I say I am sick- it is not for attention. When I say this illness is serious-I am not exaggerating. 

Why can’t you understand, accept, believe? 


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