Astrology Fun Facts~

Did you know? Oh this is so cool I want a drum roll please…

Even your health is astrologically influenced?

It is!

That’s a fact!

I haven’t went to deep into this fact, but it’s on my list because I can see it so clearly in my own life. I really think I should specialize in Medical Astrology.

For example, let’s just look at my sun sign, I’m a Virgo. The body parts ruled by Virgo are the nervous system and stomach/intestines. Virgos are prone to have illnesses relating to stress.

With that in mind… I have multi-system degenerative disease of the autonomic nervous system. I have GERD. I have IBS. Depressions, anxiety, PTSD, Addison’s/Adrenal Insufficiency can be caused from stress over long periods of time.

Anyway, I could go on about myself but instead I will share a link with you so you can see how this is for you too. I’d love to hear what you think!

Cool Link to Medical Astrology


I am a Chronic Hot Mess~

“What is wrong with you?” Is a question I am most frequently asked, it makes me cringe because where do I even start? Usually my response is “I am an autoimmune train wreck!” But for the purpose of this post and those who I am encouraging to read it, I need to be more specific. Here is my list of diagnosis’ currently, if I’ve remembered them all:

1. Addison’s Disease

2. Fibromyalgia

4. Osteoporosis

5. Osteopenia

7. Hypothyroid

8. Hashimoto’s

10. IBS
11. Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome
12. Multi-System Degeneration of the Autonomic Nervous System

13. Scoliosis

14. Hypoglycemia

15. Pre-Diabetes

*I have attached a link to each of the above in case you want to know more.

And to name a few tag along illnesses (illnesses that usually come with one of the above)




plantar Fasciitis,

ocular migraine,

Neuropathy in both feet

cognitive impairment due to illnesses,

short term memory disorder,

insomnia and missing stages of sleep,


multiple deficiencies in vitamins and minerals,


And of course there are the tag along symptoms that are so common that there is no need for a “diagnosis” like; chronic dry eyes and mouth, chronic diarrhea, tremors, lingering sore throat, fever, allodynia pain, hair loss, vertigo and this list goes on for days.

The pain obviously effects me 24/7. The insomnia makes it all worse, add in stress (physical or emotional) and symptoms flare. Weather changes also cause symptoms to flare, I know rain is coming before the weather reports do. Even getting nervous about meeting new people or going to a new place can trigger me.

The cognitive impairments are my biggest complaint; recall specifically, memory recall, recalling common words or instructions for tasks or in conversation. For example I know how to heat a can of soup, basic right? On a low cognitive day I cannot remember how to do such a task. Another example, I will answer the door to the person who looks familiar through the peephole but it may take several moments to realize he is my son that I see on a regular basis.

The cognitive issues are a big stressor for me, I feel it makes me appear dumb or like I am lying about the context that I am talking about. I am neither dumb nor a liar, but these illnesses rob me of my intelligence sometimes.

As you can see my day to day life is a struggle at best. Some days you would never know anything is “wrong” with me, and other days you would think… well I am not sure what you would think.

Some days I want to give up and let my chronic-hotness of a mess just take me, but I fight hardest on those days for a reason to live. Some days I find inspiration to enjoy life and want to live, somedays my will to live is obvious in my every-word.

Of all of my existing diagnosis’ I also make the “Rare” category with Addison’s Disease. I believe adrenal insufficiency is more common than “rare” standards but that is for another post. Addison’s disease can be fatal is a crisis is not treated correctly and quickly, but because it is rare, finding a dr who knows enough about it is challenging. Unlike diabetes I cannot check my blood Cortisol levels and it is constantly a guessing game if I need more or less medication, therefore I can easily drop to dangerously low levels without even realizing it. Adrenal crisis is my worst fear. I do carry an emergency injection kit with me at all times.

By now you can probably see and agree that I am a chronic hot mess. I do my best everyday, except the days I stay in bed because my energy to fight it has worn out and I need a recharge.

Well, now that I have explained all of that… whew- this post has been a while in the making. I hope that you can now see that I am the way I am for a reason; last minute cancellations, stammering for words, taking a bit to respond to messages, forgetting to respond or answering in a confusing way, not recognizing you, not recalling a funny or sad memory and so on are just part of who I am. Please be patient and understanding. I am not this way on purpose and believe me, it irritates and frustrates me way more than you could imagine.

So there it is. My chronic hotness of a hot mess is explained!

Oh and FYI- this wasn’t a sympathy post, I don’t need sympathy I need patience and understanding. I may be a chronic hot mess, but I am badass in my chronic ness.

What if I Fall~

Well I did it! I posted something I am very hopeful about! I’m sick over it, excited happy but nervous sick. A billion what ifs are racing through my mind.

Okay Pause- I’m taking a deep centering breath…

*image found on Pinterest.

I’ve talked of my love for astrology. I also have the deepest desire to help women heal and accept themselves as they are, to be a torchbearer that guides them to their authentic self with love and acceptance!

Well I think I have a way to embrace both.

A basic astrology course that each person works with their own Natal chart to learn the basics of astrology while they gain insight to themselves and all that was meant to be exactly and perfectly them from the moment of their birth.

Exciting right?

Between us, I am terrified.

Why? What IF…

During the practice I had a few brain fog moments that couldn’t stay hidden, I made a big confusing mess (it ended up fine) that sent my Cortisol levels dropping. There were days I should have posted or responded to comments that I just couldn’t! The videos shake and I loose words, I’ve tried redoing the videos but I really loose words then.

So What IF…

I want to look professional! I want a polished presentation! Will my mumbling of words, shaky videos, and response times effect the outcome for those I am wanting to help?

What if…

what if this is another thing that my heart wants but my body & mind won’t allow? Can my emotions handle it, again?

Ooommmm. Meditating monkey again. Deep breath.

*image found on Pinterest

Do I tell the participants from the start that I am Chronic hotness? And how much do I tell them? I feel like I should want them, but I fear they will not take me seriously about the course materials.

Well it’s posted, I am going to try it.

One more What If…

What if I succeed? What if this works?

*image found on Pinterest

What if I fly?

Days Like This~

I didn’t fall asleep last night, finally got 3 hours at 7am. At first the nap before bed kept me awake, then the pain got worse and worse then depression stirred me up… yep 7am. Again.

I woke up more awake than normal (and was still on time fore medications!) the pain is less than normal, but I feel off. Like depressed but not. I don’t know how to explain it.

I don’t like days like this because I should be accomplishing something instead of just being in nowhere land, knowing I should be doing something but whatever today is it is not letting me do anything.

On days like this am I still sleepy?

On days like this is it brain fog?

On days like this is it depression?

Astrological Speaking there is A LOT going on right now and I know that plays a huge role in my “Just let me hide!” mood! Communications are changing, dynamics of relationships (both personal and global) are changing. Like a full blender turned on High and no lid. It’s flying everywhere- not grounded. It’s intense. It’s awkward. It’s emotionally uncomfortable. It’s physically straining and draining. It’s days like this.

Energetic vibrations are changing rapidly, what once worked no longer works but letting go of IT, whatever IT is easier said than done.

Anyway, now I’m rambling. Do you have days like this? What helps you through them?

Possible Culprit~

The last couple of weeks my health has been on a downward spiral! My muscles burned more than normal, my pain in general was higher, my POTS symptoms have increased, it just felt like I was slowly getting worse again…

Today I fixed guacamole to have a snack with my bonus daughter, she said it needed more salt! I added more salt, I couldn’t stop eating it. I felt my body calm down with every bite.

*Light bulb moment*

A couple of weeks ago I started a “diet.” Not really a diet but less eating out, healthier meals etc. like for breakfast I’d have oatmeal, lunch would be an apple with peanut butter and then a HelloFresh dinner. I had cut down on sodas and my electrolyte drinks due to sugar content.

I am loosing weight already and it’s awesome. Almost 10lbs.

Are you seeing where I am going?

Less potato chips, less pickles, less electrolytes, less of a lot of stuff (none of a lot of stuff too)…

*image found on Google search “salt shaker”

Most people with Addison’s disease are salt wasters, most are on a medication to help (I can’t remember the name,) but I’m not! My numbers stay pretty good! Except when I cut all of that stuff out of my diet, I guess. I am no doctor, but I am assuming that is what is causing me to go down hill so rapidly!

So I need to re-evaluate the dieting to include more sodium intake. How could I have missed this? I was so proud of myself for ignoring the the cravings!

Today I ate salty chips and guacamole! Today I will eat more salty things (salt on my apples and peanut butter?) and I will drink my electrolytes like I would have done a couple of weeks ago!

Here’s to a better nights sleep (I hope) *toasting with a salt shaker*

Oops~ I did it again!

A lesson I have not quite learned and seriously doubt I ever will is to NOT over do it!

Friday night the pain and a couple of stressors kept me from sleep till 6am. I fell into a restless sleep just to have my healing hounds wake me at 9 because I was overdue for my morning Cortisol.

Saturday I tried to nap but didn’t go into a deep enough rest for my FitBit to call it “sleep.” Saturday night the pains again plus the now I’m to tired to sleep kicked in till almost 6am. A repeat of the morning before kicked in, only today (Sunday) we had family plans.

So I showered and faced the day in a surprisingly good mood!

I stayed awake all day!

Guess what???

It’s almost midnight; my skin is freezing but my insides are burning up, it feels like my body is to big for my skin, my head is throbbing, and the right side of me is in overdrive spasm mode!

I want to cry and scream and punch stuff, but do you know what? I’m not going to!

Instead I’ll tell you why I stayed awake all day!

Hubby, bonus daughter, son, and adorably pregnant daughter in law and I all went to a Irish/Scottish fair! I didn’t use my wheel chair for it this year, although before trying on the corset I wished I had used the chair!

Oh! The corset! To tight, ouch right? Nope! Not ouch! I moaned happy blissful sighs of relief! The pain in my back eased with every jerking pull the woman jarred me with. It was amazing. I felt like a new person for a couple of hours then… get this thing off of me! But it was an amazing couple of hours.

*my new t-shirt! Ps- for those wondering, I really do have Irish and Scottish roots!

We watched a bonniest knees contest, not boney, Bonny! As in beautiful! It was hilarious! We watched guys in kilts throw huge hammers and throw logs! The atmosphere was festive. Did I mention guys in kilts? My hubby needs a kilt! 😉 We browsed the vendors, I liked the talking because most of the vendors had an accent that is music to my ears.

Oh! Oh! The music! I loved listening and I really loved watching, it’s a magical feeling!

Anyway, then we all went to dinner!

The memories, the memories meant more than anything I could have purchased there! The togetherness! The laughs! Watching my family interact! Priceless! And I got to participate without overwhelming pain. I smiled, Pain was there but the smiles were not a mask nor a veil to hide the pain.

It’s funny how suffering with a chronic illness makes you appreciate what truly matters, the priceless memories of love and laughter!

Today was nice!

So yes, I overdid it again today! A lesson I should learn, but with memory moments available to make, I sure hope I don’t learn my lesson anytime soon! Those moments are worth these moments!

Ps… I am now the owner of a beautiful and well made corset that I will wear whenever I want to.